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Individuals & Families

Investment management is the cornerstone for most financial plans. Our investment management services are designed to help grow and protect your wealth by:

  • Simplifying your financial affairs.
  • Seeking to maximize your after-tax returns while controlling risk.
  • Generating the income you’ll need for a comfortable retirement, paying for college expenses, and fulfilling your life goals.
  • Helping to generate the income you’ll need for a comfortable retirement, paying for college expenses, and fulfilling your life goals.
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The Importance of Proper Planning

Planning for retirement and life expenses is about more than investing in your 401(k) or setting up a savings account. It is about looking holistically at your financial situation and then taking steps to maximize the likelihood that you will have the secure financial future you want.

Company Retirement Plans

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Employers want a plan that is easy to administer and allows them to hire and keep quality personnel.

Employees look for growth of their retirement assets while minimizing exposure to risk. We help them understand how to achieve both.

Our support helps you and your employees focus on your core business, gives participants a single point of contact for your plan, and helps participants understand their retirement benefits.

Women Investors

When it comes to financial planning decisions, women are taking the lead. Women are the primary financial decision-makers in a majority of U.S. households. Collectively, women control trillions in assets.

As women continue to accumulate wealth and achieve empowerment in financial decision-making, the need for investment management services that are specifically geared toward women becomes greater.

  • Creating personalized wealth management strategies that frame discussions in terms of your end goals.
  • Emphasizing communication and transparency, while taking your own individual level of risk tolerance into account.
  • Integrating a long-term perspective into comprehensive financial planning.
  • Providing education and information that empowers you to make informed investment planning decisions.
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Non-Profits & Foundations


Your non-profit or foundation works hard to make the world a better place — and as a plan trustee, you’re just as committed to ensuring that your organization continues to thrive.

That’s where Premier comes in. Whether your goals involve growth in preparation for future expansion or generating additional income to ensure current stability, we offer the necessary expertise and experience to help your organization meet its short- and long-term financial goals and, most importantly, fulfil its mission.

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