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Financial Planning

Managing your wealth is key to achieving your financial goals. We use a consultative approach to wealth management. We listen to you, learn from you, and then construct an integrated, personalized solution that focuses on the long-term.

We structure our wealth management services to:

  • Simplify your financial affairs
  • Maximize your investment returns and minimize taxes
  • Help design a plan to generate the income you need for a comfortable retirement

With these goals in mind, we build globally-diversified portfolios using low-cost, tax-efficient mutual funds to minimize risk, maximize returns to add value and decrease your taxes and expenses


Company Retirement Plans

We use a structured financial planning process to bring clarity, confidence, and financial peace of mind to trustees and plan participants. This planning process concentrates on three questions:

  • Where is your plan today? - To pinpoint any needed adjustments, we analyze the current risk profile of your plan, the level of participant satisfaction, fees, and the efficiency of your plan.
  • Where do you hope to go? - Reviewing your goals: We’ll help optimize your plan so that it aligns with the needs and goals of your company and its culture.
  • What will it take to get there? - We will outline the steps necessary to help you attain your plan goals. If a change in service providers is necessary, we will help you to make a smooth transition and implement the new plan structure.

Our Full Disclosure Guarantee

We’re proud of our commitment to full disclosure including discussing the costs associated with portfolio management and sharing how your investments are performing relative to their benchmarks. Because your financial wellbeing is our primary focus, we provide you with the information relevant to your decision-making process.

If you are currently using the services of another financial professional, we urge you to ensure that you are in a fiduciary relationship.

Retirement Planning

“How much will I need?” is the
most frequently asked question we hear.

Estate Planning Guidance

While accumulating and conserving wealth throughout your life, you want to know how those assets will be distributed after your passing. This distribution requires thoughtful and current estate planning.

Estate planning may need to go beyond simply having a Will or Durable Power of Attorney. You may want to consider a trust to accomplish specific goals such as maintaining privacy, charitable giving, or college funding.

We will work with you and your estate planning attorney so that your estate is planned as you wish. We’ll talk about trusts, charitable giving, or other ideas you have for your estate.

Tax Planning Guidance

Tax planning guidance is an essential part of our financial planning strategy. We can work closely with you and your tax professional to help manage your tax liability.

  • Managing Dividends
  • Deduction of Investment Management Fees
  • Timing of Withdrawals
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Liquidation of Securities
  • Estate Taxes
  • Charitable Planning
  • Death and Inheritance

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