Our Approach

What Makes Us Unique


We’re dedicated to doing what’s best for you. By considering all aspects of your finances, our advisors get to know you and develop a relationship based on experience and trust.


Our team of  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM and financial advisors integrates financial planning with our investment management services.


We specialize in holistic wealth management and wealth transfers between generations. We’ll design a plan to help you achieve your financial goals.


Whatever phase of life you’re in, we’ll help you organize your financial planning and investments and to better focus on your long term financial goals.

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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that educated investors who maintain a long-term approach are well prepared to weather volatility in the stock market and their investments. We work hard to ensure that our investors possess a comprehensive understanding of investment principles, including:

  • Markets are efficient
  • Risk and return are related
  • Diversification is key
  • Structure explains performance

We utilize passively managed, evidence-based, structured asset class portfolios. Quantitative evidence shows that broad diversification can provide protection against investment failure.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As our client, your financial peace of mind is our primary goal.

As a fiduciary to our clients and our community, Premier provides planning and advice from a purely objective standpoint. We're legally bound to place our clients’ interests above our own and promote loyalty, good faith, and trust in every relationship.


We take our fiduciary role seriously and uphold our commitments unimpeded by conflicts of interest. We provide you with our whole and undivided attention and reflect honesty and authenticity  in every service we offer.


We offer independent and objective advice that’s client-centric and free from outside influences such as commission activity or investment company incentives.


We utilize evidence-based, time-tested investment strategies based on years of academic research and application. Our long-term approach supports our clients financial peace of mind and success.


We’re proud of our commitment to full disclosure. We review your portfolio performance and all investment costs annually to keep you fully informed.

Our Commitment To You

We emphasize transparency, confidentiality, and client service through every interaction. We respond quickly to your needs in order to maintain a transparent line of communication.

We understand that your situation is unique. We tailor each meeting to specifically address the needs of you and your family. With regular conversations, we will work together to create a flexible financial plan that’s designed to help you meet your financial goals.

We’ll also provide you with holistic financial advice that reaches beyond the assets we manage, such as tax, estate, and retirement planning guidance, including 401(k) plan asset allocation evaluation.


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