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"The Investment Answer" Book

Written by Dan Goldie and Gordon Murray, The Investment Answer asks readers to make five basic but key decisions to stack the investment odds in their favor. The advice is simple, easy-to-follow, and effective, and can lead to a more profitable portfolio for every investor.

Should I invest on my own or seek help from an investment professional?

How should I allocate my investments among stocks, bonds, and cash?

Which specific asset classes within these broad categories should I include in my portfolio?

Should I take an actively managed approach to investing, or follow a passive alternative?

When should I sell assets and when should I buy more?

In a world of fast-talking traders who believe that they can game the system and a market characterized by instability, this extraordinary and timely book offers guidance every investor should have.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Ginger Weber


Ginger Weber, CFP
President, Financial Advisor
Premier Financial Group


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The Investment Answer

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