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"This book is a triumph. The aggressive tone fully justified under today's circumstances."

-John Bogle
Founder of the Vanguard Group

The Unbeatable Market

Ron Ross, PhD, CFP®

Ron Ross wrote this book because he saw a glaring lack of usable information about why the average investor continues to struggle in the stock market - and what they can do to succeed. The Unbeatable Market addresses many key areas that can help investors plan for their financial future.

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How to Find the Right Financial Advisor

Teresa Conley, CFP®
Jeremy Sorci, CFP®, AFIM™

“Working with the right advisor can mean the difference between meeting your retirement planning goals or coming up short. This guide addresses issues such as:

  • How often should I talk with my financial advisor?
  • What important questions should I ask?
  • How do I know if my advisor has the necessary education and experience?
  • What costs and fees are typically charged to a client?”

The Investment Answer


The Investment Answer asks readers to make five basic but key decisions to stack the investment odds in their favor. The advice is simple, easy-to-follow, and effective, and can lead to a more profitable portfolio for every investor.

In a world of fast-talking traders who believe that they can game the system and a market characterized by instability, this extraordinary and timely book offers guidance every investor should have.