Top 8 Qualities in a Professional Wealth Advisor

By : Ginger Weber | August 19, 2020

Choosing the best professional wealth advisor isn’t easy. With so many options out there — from brokers to insurance agents — investors often find it difficult to select the right investment firm for their individual needs.  In fact, we’re often asked what to look for in a financial advisor. We understand that choosing a professional…

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Recently, a new client asked one of our advisors how high portfolio turnover would affect their portfolio. This timely question makes sense; we often warn our clients and other investors about the high costs of wealth management strategies based on active management. Our answer? High portfolio turnover is the source of most of the extra…

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Anyone who has invested has had understandable questions such as “What are my fees?” “What are my expenses?” and “What are my investments fees?” Answering these questions directly is difficult, due to the wide variety of terms, phrases, and conditions that have been created by investment professionals and the financial industry, itself. Has the industry,…

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What Bonds Should I Invest In?

By : Jeremy Sorci | July 26, 2017

It is commonly known in the investment world that bonds, more often than not, are a safer investment than stocks. A common question we get is, “what bonds should I invest in?” When shopping for bonds, it is imperative to keep two important concepts in mind: Safer does not mean guaranteed. Not all bonds are…

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