How Often Should I be Meeting with a Financial Advisor?

By : Ginger Weber | March 21, 2021

Do you often ask the question, “how often should I be meeting with a financial advisor?” If so, you’re not alone; we’re often asked if there’s a standard time frame that investors should adhere to.  Meeting with a financial advisor is extremely important to keep up with investments. Though we always recommend — at a…

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High Net Worth Investors & Social Security

By : Jeremy Sorci | January 4, 2021

Premier Financial often answers questions about how Social Security fits into a wealth management strategy. This question is especially common for high net worth investors. Even if most of your income comes from other sources, Social Security can help you leave assets to your beneficiaries.    High net worth investors need to find the most effective…

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Clients often ask us for investment guidance about their diversification strategy – why is it so essential? We are always glad when our clients bring up this important topic.   The benefits of having a diversification strategy are so important – in fact, we’ve blogged about it before – because diversification is not only the cardinal…

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Recently, a new client asked one of our advisors how high portfolio turnover would affect their portfolio. This timely question makes sense; we often warn our clients and other investors about the high costs of wealth management strategies based on active management. Our answer? High portfolio turnover is the source of most of the extra…

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When it comes to making financial planning and wealth management decisions, it just makes sense to follow conventional wisdom… doesn’t it? Financial sense does not always mean following conventional wisdom. Though conventional wisdom can be defined as ideas that are so widely accepted no one really bothers to question them, there may be times when…

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Have you ever considered trying to beat the market? If so, you’re not alone. A Google search for the phrase “beating the market” brings up 37.5 million results; a quick search for the same phrase on Amazon yields 493 matches in the “books” category alone.  Can you beat the market? Given the prevalence that this…

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Often, we’re asked why our wealth management advisors don’t advocate financial strategies that involve attempts to beat the market. We don’t mind answering this question; in fact, we like to talk about this issue. Why? Because it gives us the chance to explain why the best wealth management strategies don’t employ the techniques that some…

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DIY Investing vs. Wealth Advisors: A Costly Comparison?

By : Teresa Conley | March 3, 2019

At Premier, our wealth advisors often field questions from clients who wonder about taking a DIY – a “Do It Yourself” – approach to investing.  We certainly understand this impulse. After all, self-sufficiency and that “can-do” attitude are certainly ingrained into the American character. However, DIY investing is not something we recommend as there are…

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Tax Consequences of Active Investing Financial Strategies

By : Ginger Weber | February 3, 2018

We’re often asked about the tax consequences that come hand-in-hand with active investing. Given the substantial tax impact of high portfolio turnover, it’s easy to understand these concerns. Our wealth advisors think that the IRS must love financial advisors who pursue active investing because of the massive amount of taxes that are routinely generated. Given…

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In regards to rebalancing investment portfolios, the three most common questions our wealth advisors hear are: “How often should rebalancing be done?”, “How important is it?”, and “What happens if it’s put off to a later date?” While portfolio rebalancing isn’t one of those tasks anyone necessarily looks forward to with any amount of enthusiasm…

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What Bonds Should I Invest In?

By : Jeremy Sorci | July 26, 2017

It is commonly known in the investment world that bonds, more often than not, are a safer investment than stocks. A common question we get is, “what bonds should I invest in?” When shopping for bonds, it is imperative to keep two important concepts in mind: Safer does not mean guaranteed. Not all bonds are…

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