What is a Robo-Advisor?

By : Ginger Weber | May 1, 2021

What is a robo-advisor? At Premier Financial Group, we understand that investors have many choices when it comes to selecting the right financial advisor for their needs. In recent years, the choices available to investors have increased with the advent of the so-called robo-advisors.  Just as the travel industry changed from DIY booking sites and automated…

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How Often Should I be Meeting with a Financial Advisor?

By : Ginger Weber | March 21, 2021

Do you often ask the question, “how often should I be meeting with a financial advisor?” If so, you’re not alone; we’re often asked if there’s a standard time frame that investors should adhere to.  Meeting with a financial advisor is extremely important to keep up with investments. Though we always recommend — at a…

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The Importance of Financial Literacy

By : Jeremy Sorci | January 23, 2021

We all get them… stacks of envelopes in the junk mail pile, all offering low-interest credit cards. Emails offering “amazing deals” and “once in a lifetime” chances to use a new credit card to pay off existing debt. This steady stream of offers of easy credit is having an impact. The importance of financial literacy…

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Wealth Management Strategies for Millennials

By : Teresa Conley | December 5, 2020

We often hear from millennials who know they’re supposed to start planning for their financial futures and retirement. However, many just aren’t sure what proper wealth management strategies are.  This is understandable; Millennials are currently focusing on things like graduating from college, paying down student loans, and landing that first job. Retirement wealth management strategies…

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Strategic Portfolio Management: Style Drift

By : Teresa Conley | November 11, 2020

We are often asked about active versus passive wealth management approaches. One question that can be confusing is that of style drift.  What is it? How can it affect my financial planning? It’s no secret that we’re not big fans of the active strategic portfolio management approach, in which a financial advisor or fund manager…

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We often speak with clients who have the sneaking suspicion that their previous investment firm was essentially gambling with their money to “beat the market”. The unfortunate truth is that many investment professionals might as well be called what they really are – sports bookies.  Though these two lines of work may seem quite different…

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The Benefits of Diversified Wealth Management Strategies

By : Jeremy Sorci | September 12, 2020

Long before the days of investment management solutions, financial derivatives and modern portfolio theory, Sancho Panza — Don Quixote’s sidekick – wisely noted, “It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow and not to venture all his eggs in one basket.” Of course, Don didn’t take this sage advice…

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When it comes to selecting a wealth advisor, one thing is certain: You have a lot of choices. But how do you determine if an investment professional is truly qualified to help you with your strategic wealth planning? The decisions you make now will permanently impact your financial future, so you need to vet your…

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Top 8 Qualities in a Professional Wealth Advisor

By : Ginger Weber | August 19, 2020

Choosing the best professional wealth advisor isn’t easy. With so many options out there — from brokers to insurance agents — investors often find it difficult to select the right investment firm for their individual needs.  In fact, we’re often asked what to look for in a financial advisor. We understand that choosing a professional…

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Clients often ask us for investment guidance about their diversification strategy – why is it so essential? We are always glad when our clients bring up this important topic.   The benefits of having a diversification strategy are so important – in fact, we’ve blogged about it before – because diversification is not only the cardinal…

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If you’ve ever wondered if the costs associated with a strategic wealth advisor are worth it, you’re not alone. In fact, an article at the Motley Fool described the cost of using a financial advisor as “brutal,” referring to a hypothetical 1 percent of assets annual fee reducing net returns, as well as the longer-term impact…

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Recently, a new client asked one of our advisors how high portfolio turnover would affect their portfolio. This timely question makes sense; we often warn our clients and other investors about the high costs of wealth management strategies based on active management. Our answer? High portfolio turnover is the source of most of the extra…

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