How Often Should I be Meeting with a Financial Advisor?

By : Ginger Weber | March 21, 2021

Do you often ask the question, “how often should I be meeting with a financial advisor?” If so, you’re not alone; we’re often asked if there’s a standard time frame that investors should adhere to.  Meeting with a financial advisor is extremely important to keep up with investments. Though we always recommend — at a…

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We’re often asked if estate planning strategies fall within the realm of the investment guidance services offered by wealth advisors. The answer is a resounding “yes!” In fact, we like to tell our clients that good wealth advisors will not only help with estate planning strategies, but they’ll go above and beyond to ensure that…

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Our wealth advisors are often asked about strategic financial planning, wealth management strategies, and investment planning. But all of these questions really boil down to one simple issue: How to achieve financial peace of mind. Here at Premier, we like to define this desirable state as possessing confidence in your financial future; and while we…

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Are Stock Market Projections Accurate?

By : Teresa Conley | August 25, 2017

We are frequently asked by investors about our stock market projections. The truth is that no one knows whether the market will rise or fall this year, this month, or even today.  At every tradable moment of the day, the stock market is fluctuating. It may start trending up and then head downward. Stare at…

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