Strategic Portfolio Management: Style Drift

By : Teresa Conley | November 11, 2020

We are often asked about active versus passive wealth management approaches. One question that can be confusing is that of style drift.  What is it? How can it affect my financial planning? It’s no secret that we’re not big fans of the active strategic portfolio management approach, in which a financial advisor or fund manager…

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The Benefits of Diversified Wealth Management Strategies

By : Jeremy Sorci | September 12, 2020

Long before the days of investment management solutions, financial derivatives and modern portfolio theory, Sancho Panza — Don Quixote’s sidekick – wisely noted, “It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow and not to venture all his eggs in one basket.” Of course, Don didn’t take this sage advice…

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Clients often ask us for investment guidance about their diversification strategy – why is it so essential? We are always glad when our clients bring up this important topic.   The benefits of having a diversification strategy are so important – in fact, we’ve blogged about it before – because diversification is not only the cardinal…

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Mutual Funds Cost: Avoid Hidden Fees

By : Jeremy Sorci | July 1, 2019

Are mutual funds free to invest in? This question is more common than you might think. The answer, unfortunately, is no.  Many people believe that mutual funds’ cost is either low or nonexistent. It is understandable to assume that something only costs money if you actually see cash flowing out. For example, Account statements identify…

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Anyone who has invested has had understandable questions such as “What are my fees?” “What are my expenses?” and “What are my investments fees?” Answering these questions directly is difficult, due to the wide variety of terms, phrases, and conditions that have been created by investment professionals and the financial industry, itself. Has the industry,…

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In regards to rebalancing investment portfolios, the three most common questions our wealth advisors hear are: “How often should rebalancing be done?”, “How important is it?”, and “What happens if it’s put off to a later date?” While portfolio rebalancing isn’t one of those tasks anyone necessarily looks forward to with any amount of enthusiasm…

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