Easy 401k Rollover in 4 Simple Steps

By : Jeremy Sorci | April 3, 2021

Want to roll over your 401k, but you’re just not sure where to start? You’re not alone; our retirement plan advisors field questions about 401k rollover options on a regular basis. And while the process may seem overwhelming, it can actually be quite simple: If you follow these four easy steps.  1. 401k Advisors Help…

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401k Questions: Advisors Suggest 5 Things

By : Teresa Conley | February 7, 2021

How’s your 401k doing? If you’re like the majority of Americans, You have many 401k questions that need to be answered. It is likely you have got access to an employer-sponsored 401k retirement plan, but you’re not taking advantage of it. According to Bloomberg, more than two-thirds of the U.S. population don’t regularly make contributions…

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401k Advisors Reveal 7 Things They Wish Investors Knew

By : Teresa Conley | August 31, 2020

Clients often come to our 401k advisors with questions about their accounts. It’s understandable; with all of the retirement plan options out there, it’s easy to have questions about which strategies are the most effective. Read on to discover the 7 things 401k advisors wish every investor knew about 401k plans, so they could make the most…

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As pensions go extinct, more Americans turn to individual retirement accounts to prepare for their golden years. One of the most popular is the 401k, an employer-sponsored plan that allows workers to save a percentage of pre-tax dollars from paychecks.  As of 2014, 401k plans were the most popular type of retirement savings, representing about…

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401k Company Stock: How Much is Too Much?

By : Jeremy Sorci | February 2, 2020

Are you holding your employer’s stock in your 401k retirement plan? If your retirement account contains your company stock, you’re not alone: about 46 percent of eligible employees hold their employers’ stock, and one in five large companies invests employees’ retirement money in its own stock, says Bloomberg.  Including 401k company stock in your plan might…

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Ask 401k Advisors: 7 Keys to 401k Success – Part 1

By : Jeremy Sorci | June 19, 2019

Often people ask our retirement plan advisors: “What is the best way to invest in my 401k?” While many companies provide 401ks as a benefit to their employees, the frequency that we hear this question is alarming. This question underscores that many 401k participants haven’t had enough education from their 401k plan providers to know…

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What financial strategies should you focus on when investing in a 401(k) retirement plan? In this article, we continue the conversation, started in Ask a 401(k) Advisor:7 Keys to 401(k) Success – Part 1, to explore the other areas, we feel, are essential to having a successful 401(k) experience such as how risk tolerance plays into…

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Anyone who has invested has had understandable questions such as “What are my fees?” “What are my expenses?” and “What are my investments fees?” Answering these questions directly is difficult, due to the wide variety of terms, phrases, and conditions that have been created by investment professionals and the financial industry, itself. Has the industry,…

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Retirement Planning Checklist: How Should I Prepare?

By : Jeremy Sorci | September 22, 2018

While we all know we need to prepare for retirement, “How should I begin?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear.   1. Start the Retirement Planning Checklist by Setting Your Goals  Start your journey toward retirement by creating a retirement planning checklist. You probably already have a good idea of how…

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Got an Orphaned 401k? Best 401k Rollover Options

By : Jeremy Sorci | August 16, 2018

Clients often come to our 401k advisors with questions about old retirement accounts that they’ve “left behind” when they’ve moved on to another job with a different employer. It’s easy to understand; after all, the average American works for seven employers over the course of their working life, and it’s all too easy to leave that…

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