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401k Questions: Advisors Suggest 5 Things

By : Teresa Conley | February 7, 2021

How’s your 401k doing? If you’re like the majority of Americans, You have many 401k questions that need to be answered. It is likely you have got access to an employer-sponsored 401k retirement plan, but you’re not taking advantage of it. According to Bloomberg, more than two-thirds of the U.S. population don’t regularly make contributions…

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Wealth Management Strategies for Millennials

By : Teresa Conley | December 5, 2020

We often hear from millennials who know they’re supposed to start planning for their financial futures and retirement. However, many just aren’t sure what proper wealth management strategies are.  This is understandable; Millennials are currently focusing on things like graduating from college, paying down student loans, and landing that first job. Retirement wealth management strategies…

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Strategic Portfolio Management: Style Drift

By : Teresa Conley | November 11, 2020

We are often asked about active versus passive wealth management approaches. One question that can be confusing is that of style drift.  What is it? How can it affect my financial planning? It’s no secret that we’re not big fans of the active strategic portfolio management approach, in which a financial advisor or fund manager…

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401k Advisors Reveal 7 Things They Wish Investors Knew

By : Teresa Conley | August 31, 2020

Clients often come to our 401k advisors with questions about their accounts. It’s understandable; with all of the retirement plan options out there, it’s easy to have questions about which strategies are the most effective. Read on to discover the 7 things 401k advisors wish every investor knew about 401k plans, so they could make the most…

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When it comes to selecting a wealth advisor, one thing is certain: You have a lot of choices. But how do you determine if an investment professional is truly qualified to help you with your strategic wealth planning? The decisions you make now will permanently impact your financial future, so you need to vet your…

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When it comes to making financial planning and wealth management decisions, it just makes sense to follow conventional wisdom… doesn’t it? Financial sense does not always mean following conventional wisdom. Though conventional wisdom can be defined as ideas that are so widely accepted no one really bothers to question them, there may be times when…

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Private Wealth Management for Women: 6 Tips

By : Teresa Conley | April 27, 2020

When it comes to personal wealth management, one size doesn’t fit all — and that’s especially true when it comes to female investors. Women control more than half of the wealth in the U.S. — a number that the Federal Reserve estimates will increase to two-thirds of all private wealth by 2020 — and comprise…

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If you’ve ever had a performance review at work, you’ve probably already experienced the power of goal setting. In the workplace, meeting your goals leads to positive results, like feelings of accomplishment, promotions, and raises. (Not meeting those goals, on the other hand, generally doesn’t work out quite as well.) Why is goal setting important?…

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Often, we’re asked why our wealth management advisors don’t advocate financial strategies that involve attempts to beat the market. We don’t mind answering this question; in fact, we like to talk about this issue. Why? Because it gives us the chance to explain why the best wealth management strategies don’t employ the techniques that some…

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DIY Investing vs. Wealth Advisors: A Costly Comparison?

By : Teresa Conley | March 3, 2019

At Premier, our wealth advisors often field questions from clients who wonder about taking a DIY – a “Do It Yourself” – approach to investing.  We certainly understand this impulse. After all, self-sufficiency and that “can-do” attitude are certainly ingrained into the American character. However, DIY investing is not something we recommend as there are…

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7 Realistic Wealth Planning Management for Retirement

By : Teresa Conley | June 6, 2018

Some of the most common questions we field are related to retirement. Clients often wonder if they’re saving enough, if they’ve made the right investments, and how, exactly, they should take disbursements to minimize taxes and make those savings last. It’s no surprise that so many people worry about retirement: A 2014 study indicates that…

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In regards to rebalancing investment portfolios, the three most common questions our wealth advisors hear are: “How often should rebalancing be done?”, “How important is it?”, and “What happens if it’s put off to a later date?” While portfolio rebalancing isn’t one of those tasks anyone necessarily looks forward to with any amount of enthusiasm…

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